Congratulations Freelancer!

Your freelance personality is:

You are…The Juggler

One of the biggest reasons you’re freelance is because of the flexibility. Whether it’s working around family, a mental or physical health challenge or needing a job that can be flexible around your life. 

You’re the master of multi-tasking! Your phone is your weapon when it comes to productivity. But it also means you can feel burnt out easily.

You’re the master of getting lots done in a short amount of time. But that doesn’t leave you with a lot of time for YOU. You know you should be prioritising self-care. But it often happens as a reaction to being burnt out, not a precaution against it. Reactive, not pro-active.

You want systems and automations in place that will make life easier. Passive income is something that’s been on your wishlist for a while now. But you never quite get round to it.

You’re already spinning lots of plates. Here are five tips to make that spinning a little simpler.

1) Find the tools that will make your life easier. Automate processes as much as you can (I’m a big fan of Dubsado, IFTTT and Zapier for this).

2) Use email templates. They’ll save you a huge amount of time, and make replying a lot easier. In fact, I have two bundles that might help you with that! The 10 Templates for £10 bundle, and the Tricky Client Conversations Toolkit.

3) Make micro decisions easier to make. Micro decisions are the small decisions you have to make daily, that can feel draining. Everything from how your rates to a client, to what to cook for dinner. Creating Standard Operating Procedures are a good way to do this, as you can follow the instructions past you has already decided on. 

4) Be strategic. When time is short, you need to be focused about what you do, so make a plan and make sure you’re on track. Check in with your goals every day and week, and make sure the activities you’re doing on a daily basis are feeding into those goals. But…

5)…Be kind to yourself! Schedule self-care and rewards into your diary. In fact, every month I have the last Friday of the day booked out for self-care. Whether it’s a guilt-free day on the sofa watching Netflix all day, lunch with a friend or a book, cuppa and sofa day. 

If you’re looking to brain dump everything that’s in your head, sort it into something a little more organised, and sort out some processes that make your life easier, coaching could be for you! 

And as someone with ADHD, I really do know how beneficial coaching can be to sort out a busy brain, helping you go from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling more in control and excited again. Plus understanding the difference between an importance-motivated brain, and an interest-motivated brain! 


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